Club House and Range are located on Mineral Springs Rd. Near the community of Havelock NB

Important Notice

Meeting this month is October 8th.

Due to the Coronavirus and  current regulations regarding indoor meetings, we will hold our next meeting inside the Club House with a 3 ft space between seating.  Please bring a face mask (there will be some available for those that forget to bring one.)

Reminder to members:  check out the Buy & Sell Page

Hi and welcome to our website.

The Havelock Sportsmen's Club is a nonprofit corporation made up of members who support the traditional sports of Hunting, Angling, and Shooting.

We are a branch of the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation (NBWF) (click Here for their page).

Our club operates a shooting range which is equipped for rifle, handgun, and trap.

Meetings are held at 7:30 pm on the first Thursday of  each month. There are are no meetings in January, July, and August. Doors are usually open at 7:00 pm for those wishing to do business or just talk.  Please check the calendar for any changes to a club meeting date/location.


If you would like to join our club you can download an application form by clicking Here or a junior form  (ages 12 to 17) by clicking Here and then bring it to a meeting. Currently club membership dues are $40 per year. For active members (those who have attended 3 meetings or events in the last year) dues are reduced to $25 ($10 for junior member.)

If you need more information, we may be contacted by email at


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Useful Links:

A lot of buzz has been going on regarding Bill C-71, if you are concerned about this bill affecting you as as lawful gun owner,  there is a petition you can sign:  Link and another Link in regards to having Parliament  enact legislation requiring those convicted criminals who have been prohibited from owning firearms by the courts to report any change of address and this information be made available to police in a database on CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre).

Also an article from "" is an interesting read regarding Bill C-71: Link

Find the regulations for your fishing area by clicking on a map at NB Interactive Fisheries Regulations Webpage:

Desktop Page Here

Mobile Page Here

A link to online PAL renewal and some information on changes to firearms regulations-  Here

Phone Number for Firearms office in Miramichi NB 1-800-731-4000.

webmaster email:

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